La Sandia

 If your looking for a good, high class fancy place to eat some Tex Mex, I'd recommend La Sandia in a heart beat. It's located in Stapleton which is a brand new, uptown location at the old Stapleton Airport site. The building is beautiful inside and out. The waiters are nice and very professional.

We ordered Guacamole for an appetizer. I was almost impressed with they presentation. The waitress brought out a whole avocado and made the guacamole right at our table. The idea is awesome! The way the waitress fumbled and acted was less than impressive. The taste was lacking as well. As most of us know, Guacamole is a bit more than a mushed avocado with onions and tomato and a flake of cilantro; but it was good enough.

I ordered their Chicken Burrito. I wasn't very excited at the flavor or the portion size especially for the price. My favorite part of the meal was the black beans. How sad is that?! You'd expect to be more into the burrito, right? Sadly that wasn't the case for me.

My mother in law ordered Skirt Steak Fajitas. Now that was impressive! I don't know how they tasted but the presentation was amazing. She said they were pretty good and there was a lot of food on her plate!

My husband, who has lived in Mexico and is big into authentic Mexican liked the food but told me that "it's a great place of upper-class American's to go relax and enjoy Tex Mex rather than real Mexican". The atmosphere was fun, pretty and top notch. The food however, was not what I expected from a "Mexican" restaurant.

One last note... they have more of offer on their lunch menu than their dinner menu.

I wouldn't say anyone should go out of their way to try La Sandia but if your hungry and in the area, it's not a bad place to check out.

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