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You may have noticed, we thrive off of trying new things; new restaurants; new cuisine. We enjoy learning about other cultures food styles. This week we went out and tried some German food. Luckily, we had a German friend to bring along to test the quality, teach us about what we're eating as well as filling us in with how authentic the food was.

We asked her to help us decide what to order. My husband ended up with Beef Sauerbraten which is a roast with sweet and sour brown sauce. I had the Jäger Schnitzel, "Tender pork rolled in flour, grilled medium then braised in a Hunter's sauce and topped with golden onions and mushrooms". It turns out you actually get 2 sides with each order as well as a soup or salad. Our sides were grilled tomato with cheese, potato salad, Kroketten and spätzle. Spätzle is a egg noodle and Kroketten is a fried potato dumpling. 

Jäger Schnitzel (pronounced Yager Schnitzel)
Beef Sauerbraten

Our vegetarian friend had a hard time with the menu since it is 98% meat but ended up getting their Deep Fried Fish Fillet and enjoyed it quite a bit. We all enjoyed the food but noticed there was a distinct flavor. The common flavor among all the dishes was vinegar. Even the potato salad was vinegary. We enjoyed the unique flavors and textures of the foods we tried. The potato salad was warm and more of the consistency of mashed potatoes. The Spätzle was very tasty yet held a slight soggy texture. It was all very good and according to our friend who grew up in Germany, it was pretty authentic as well.

The service was on the slower side but our waiter was very accommodating and kind. The owner made a quick appearance, just long enough for me to snap a photo. The decor was average but their little deli was very cute! They had a lot of European items, mostly food items, for sale. There were coo coo clocks on the walls and even German magazines. If you'd like to purchase some German cheese or deli meat this is the place to do it!

Overall we were very pleased with the quantity of food as well as the quality. You really get what you pay for. We aren't huge fans of German food but we are glad we gave it a try. If you’re looking for some authentic German, Helga's German Restaurant and Deli is where you need to go.

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