Jimmy John's

If you haven't tried a Jimmy John's sandwich, I can honestly say that you are really missing out! If you have to drive an extra 15 minutes to get a Jimmy John's vs. a Subway... do it!! This place was introduced to me in Utah. I fell in love and actually studied up on the place. It all began back in 1983 when 19 year old Jimmy John Liautaud decided to start a sandwich shop. He read some recipes and found what people liked best and quickly became a very successful businessman.

One thing I admire about Jimmy John's is that they make sandwiches the correct way. By that I mean, they use the freshest bread. It's so soft I'd eat it alone, and you can! They sell the bread itself for $0.50! Aside from that, they also pit out the bread, meaning they dig out some of the insides to make room for the meats and cheeses while also stabilizing the sandwich to keep it from falling to pieces. I admire a sandwich shop that knows the proper way to build a sandwich!

I LOVE their Turkey Tom. The texture of the turkey is to die for as it practically melts in your mouth. Their other sandwiches are wonderful as well. I don't know if we've tried one we don't love actually.

Yes Jimmy John's is technically a fast food restaurant. Yes it's a chain but it is also the greatest sandwich you'll find! The service is phenomenal; very fast and friendly. They use high quality ingredients creating the most delectable sandwiches in Colorado.

Jimmy John's on Urbanspoon
Jimmy John's on Urbanspoon