East Cafe

ith over 200 votes, I thought this Asian restaurant might be a great place! I failed to notice that only 77% like it. That's certainly not a bad rating but it's far from the best. 

Upon our arrival we were surprised at the decor. It was a few steps up from your average Chinese restaurant. It was very nice and seemed to be a hit for large groups of middle aged people. 

I had to stick with something I knew I liked to test the quality. My sweet and sour combination place included shrimp, pork and chicken. The shrimp was quite phenomenal. The chicken was close to average sweet and sour chicken. I did like the quality of the chicken as it tasted fresh and juicy. The pork however was a bit fatty and seemed a bit more on the processed side. I would certainly order the sweet and sour shrimp or chicken again though!

Their honey garlic chicken was a good choice according to our friend that accompanied us. Unlike my plate, the chicken was not breaded but simply cooked in the wok with a mix of vegetables and served with rice.

The garlic combination plate that my husband ordered was much like the honey garlic plate. It was served with a lot of vegetables. 

They serve the food with a large plate of rice to eat your meal with. They also make it easy to eat your meal family style, or individually. We thought this place was decent. In my opinion it was a very standard Chinese restaurant with a nice decor.

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