Melting Pot

For our anniversary, my husband treated me to a fancy dinner at the Melting Pot. I have wanted to go to the Melting Pot since I heard it existed years ago. It just a little pricey and we'd been waiting for a special occasion. We thought our anniversary was just the occasion to check it out.

Since it was a special occasion we went all out and ordered the "Big Night Out". I highly suggest ordering this since it comes with pretty much all the Melting Pot has to offer. You get a starter, a salad, main meal and a chocolate fondue for desert. Now that's heaven! It's $100 for two. It may sound a little expensive I promise it's worth it.

We started out with our cheese fondue (the starter). Their special at the time was a cheddar cheese with bacon. The cheese fondues come with veggies, apples and bread to dip. Oh how I wish they offered this particular cheese fondue all the time; but that just would be too much of a temptation to handle so it's just as well.

The entree is a broth, oil or wine base. We went with a chicken broth with herbs. It was great but it wasn't nearly as awesome as that cheese fondue was. When the waiter brings out each of the fondues it takes quite a while to heat them to the appropriate temperatures so you have a little time to chat with your significant other or friends and also to digest your previous course. I like that. Finally, when the fondue is warm enough you get to dip in your choice of entree. We got chicken, shrimp, lobster, sirloin and pork. You would think we'd favor the lobster as lobster lovers but you'd be wrong. We were shocked to find that the pork was on the top of our list. It was divine!

They also bring you so many sauces to dip your food in! We were overwhelmed with the choices that lay before us. With the meat options, veggies options and the combo of sauces everyone is guaranteed to be happy.

Finally, once you think you are about to burst at the seams it is time to dig into the greatest, more decadent, delicious desert you will ever experience. You get a choice of chocolate fondues. My husband is crazy. He really doesn't like desert and he especially doesn't like chocolate so I let him pick which fondue to try since I'd love them all. He picked Cookies and Marshmallow Dream. It was an excellent choice. It had milk chocolate and marshmallow cream with with Oreo cookies sprinkled in. It was so good I could have poured the leftovers in a designer bag to save for later and not even regretted the mess. As if that wasn't good enough, you get an awesome variety of goodies to dip into the fondue. We had marshmallows, rice crispy treats, cheese cake, pound cake, brownies, strawberries, and bananas.

I had a great time! I loved the environment. We were seated in our own private little space with curtains. The waiter was a great teacher and was an awesome help. My only complaint is that I asked him if would take a picture of us and he said "later". It never happened unfortunately. I really would have loved to have a picture to go with such a fun memory.

I'm not sure that we'll go back for the whole meal again since we've already experienced it. I would however, highly recommend everyone try it for a special occasion. It's not even a question as to whether or not I'll go back. The answer is a resounding yes! But we'll be going for just the chocolate fondue next time as a special treat. If I remember correctly, the chocolate and the cheese fondues are only $16 each for two people. That's a great deal in my opinion!

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