New Peking

I live near New Peking. I drive by it all the time. It's a hole in the wall looking place. I never thought to try it but one day, I was looking on Urban Spoon for a Chinese restaurant we could grab some quick take-out from. With a toddler and a husband on bed-rest I was too lazy to make dinner and the family wasn't up for a night out. I found New Peking and I was impressed with it's rather high reviews. I was especially thrilled that they offered delivery! Now we're talking!

Growing up my parents just ordered a family something from our local Asian eateries. I never had a choice and when the food came, there was so much food everyone was in heaven. As an adult I haven't run into many places that offer a family combo meal. I love that New Peking offers that. It makes dinner easy and for me, nostalgic too.

We ordered the Family Dinner for two. It's a little under $12 per person. It comes with one fried shrimp, one egg roll and one crab wonton per order. It also comes with a choice of one of three soup options. You then get to pick from a list of entrees and rice or fried rice as your side dish.

We ordered Sesame Chicken and Orange chicken, both with fried rice.

I was so excited! Chinese take-out is my guilty pleasure and for us, it's a rare treat. After waiting for a little over an hour, our meal was delivered to our door step. I excitedly opened the bag pulling out each of it's contents. Soup, sauces (soy sauce, sweet and sour, and hot mustard). I pulled out a white bag. I was sure those were the fortune cookies but sadly they were not. No fortune cookies for us. (What Chinese take-out doesn't have fortune cookies?!) I then pulled out our fried rice which looked promising.  I pulled out the chickens. I opened the Sesame. It looked like Sesame chicken but nothing fancy; something similar to what you would find at Panda Express. Last, I opened the Orange chicken. "What on Earth?" I thought. I was so confused at what sat in front of me. That is not Orange chicken. I tasted it. It didn't taste like Orange chicken, that was for sure. I still don't know what it was but I can promise you it was not what we ordered. I was really disappointed but again, with a toddler and a husband on bed-rest I wasn't willing to make a fuss over it.

I was obviously disappointed that our simple order was somehow messed up. Both chicken's were decent.  After getting over the fact that the one wasn't orange chicken it was good. The fried rice was what you would expect. Nothing more and nothing less. The Egg Drop soup wasn't good. I tried eating it twice (even as left overs) and I just didn't find it worth eating. The appetizers were okay. My favorite part of the whole meal was probably the Sesame Chicken. It was good but still, not exceptional. My husband and I loved that it didn't feel greasy. It felt clean and we prefer that to the disgusting, greasy stuff.

Overall, I would rate New Peking a 6 on a scale of 1-10.  I really expected more from a place with such high reviews. It was more of a disappointment than a great experience and because of that, my husband said he wont ever eat there again. I'd go back if I were in the same boat again. Maybe.
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