Pappa Johns

Papa Johns October 2013

I had a baby so I wasn't feeling up to cooking dinner. It was my two year old's birthday and we happen to live near a Papa Johns so we figured we'd order from them a second time out of convenience. My husband selected the Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza and one of their new cookies they have been promoting as a birthday treat!

Once it was delivered we were all starving. Unfortunately they made our pizza on thin crust rather than the regular. Just to be sure we weren't mistaken we went online to be sure that we didn't order thin crust (we make our order online). Sure enough we were right so Gary called in. They were so awesome about the mistake. They not only made us a new pizza on regular crust, but they also delivered it for free!

The thin crust version was really more like an appetizer. It was so thin and the toppings were so sparse there was no way the large would feed all 3 of us. The regular crust pizza on the other hand, was perfect! The crust was fluffy and nice and there was enough toppings and cheese to really feel like you were biting into something. I could only eat two slices and I was full.

We didn't like the "cookie" at all! Not only was it burnt so badly chunks of it were black, it was just a flat out bad recipe. I'd be satisfied if they used Mrs.Feilds dough and just baked it (they should take this into consideration) but their recipe is flat out nasty. As you can see, we didn't think it was worth the $5. With how little the "big" cookie is, I don't know that I'd pay $5 for it if it was as good as an average cookie. Considering it's both small and nasty (and in our case burnt) we'll never be ordering that again...

Papa Johns early 2013:
Most of you have probably been to Papa Johns. This really isn't something really worth blogging about but since I did start this site as a way to document my experiences eating out (as a food diary of sorts), just bear with me here...

I don't know how I've gone my entire life without ever trying Papa Johns. I've heard commercials for their pizza for decades and never have I considered Papa Johns when going out for pizza. Well, I live by one now and I wanted pizza. We walked on over and ordered their current special, Buffalo Chicken.

As you know, Papa Johns is a national chain so I didn't expect much from them. The pizza was good. I wouldn't recommend Buffalo Chicken mostly because they soaked the pizza in hot sauce. The chicken pieces were tasty and the crust was a bit better than average (I like Pizza Hut's crust better).

Overall I'd say what you would expect from a chain. Average pizza. Average service. They do have good prices and it is convenient as far as location so in a pinch I'd go back.

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