Woody's Pizza

I was STILL craving pizza (it's a normal thing for me) and my husband was willing to get it for me but with one stipulation. He wanted a real pizza place this time, not a cheap chain. We made a date out of it and headed to Woody's Pizza.

Woody's is a buffet which was the main reason we picked it. I wanted a supreme pizza with all the works while he prefers lighter pizzas such as Margarita.  A buffet is a perfect solution when we can't agree. It's even better when your pregnant and hungry.

We went for salad first. The waitres bragged that their salad bar has (insert some crazy number) of items. I was impressed by the sounds of that! We walked over and my excitement was gone. See, I envisioned pre-mixed salad options, fruit, fruit salads, pasta salads and a variety of fresh veggies. What it actually was, was a bar with ice-burg lettuce (some pieces with brown on them) or spinach if you prefer. Then they had some of the typical toppings for a salad: mushrooms, onion, peas, cheese, carrots... I can't name them all. What I can say is they didn't have what I really wanted. At the very least I would have preferred croutons or bacon bits to top it off. Even unique salad dressings would be cool. While their salad bar isn't impressive, I wasn't too bothered. I came for pizza.

After eating our salads we headed over to the pizza buffet. I was impressed at first! When the guys saw we were up for our first time they asked "What can we make for you"? They take any requests and make it! Your request is then set out for the world to share so you do have to keep an eye out or your pizza will be gone before you get to try it.

Their pizza was good! I do think they should do a better job of just keeping regular pizza flavors out and ready (Canadian bacon and pineapple, cheese, pepperoni, supreme). I was a little annoyed that I'd go up, find one piece of this, one piece of that, none of which looked good. I'd go sit down and wait another 5 minutes, go see what's new only to find the same two slices and a full weird pizza someone requested that I didn't want anything to do with (really? Pineapple and jalapeno?). If they kept some regulars out I'd have been happy. As it was I suppose they saved themselves some money and my waist an inch. I would have eaten more than I did if they had more pizza cooked and ready to eat.

Overall I would highly recommend Woody's. I have no doubt they would have made a pizza of my choice had I asked. I think with it being a buffet it would be perfect for a family get together. It is especially smart if you're feeding boys who tend to eat a lot. Oh! And they do have a menu you can order from if you don't like buffets.

(Since Buffets aren't very appetizing in looks I decided to forgo the pictures this time.)
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