Colorado's 1st PizzaRev

With the revolution of pizza transforming to fast casual dinning PizzaRev is a great addition to the pie.

 As the first PizzaRev opens it's doors in Boulder, Colorado we had the privilege of experiencing its revolutionary speed.  With its slogan of "Craft Your Own" you truly can get the exact pizza you desire.  They have around 35 fresh toppings to decorate you roman style thin crust and a choice of red, white and bbq sauce. PizzaRev has hit the market of fast fresh personalized pizzas. 

We got one pizza from the menu and the other one we crafted with our own genius.  The first pizza was Fennel & Sausage (olive oil, all-natural Italian cheese, ricotta, sweet fennel sausage, and fennel seeds). This one was chosen for it's oddity, if PizzaRev can make the oddest sounding pizza on their menu taste good then they should have no issue with more traditional pizzas, and they did not let us down.  Choosing from one of the 8 preset pizzas is definitely the easiest option, just say which one you would like and walk to the end to await your freshly fire baked pizza.
For those more adventurous souls you can chose to walk down the path of options, options and more options. Thus able to create either a master-pie or a monster-pie. Our second pizza was crafted, and of course a master-pie. First the thin crust pizza was lightly covered with a white ranch soon to be sprinkled with Italian and Feta cheese. The meat came on as grilled chicken and crispy bacon. Next came the large options of veggies and herbs: spinach, green peppers, onions, and garlic were all added to the master-pie. After all off the choices were chosen into the furnace it had to go. This gives you time to go choose from the drinks, one of those fancy touch screen flavor adding beverage machines. My cup was only halfway full by the time they called my name to pick up my pizza, so as far as quickness goes, they got my vote. 
The seating is a standard fast food seating and was in excellent condition. We sat down and thoroughly enjoyed our single serving pizzas. The pizzas were quickly made and in our possession. The crust was wonderfully crispy and the toppings warm and flavorful, especially because you can get exactly what you want. The nice thing being that you can always improve your recipe the next, and next, and next time you go.
PizzaRev has an Oreo dessert pizza as well, however the texture was a little powdery and was sweet but not quite dessert sweet. However, it was plenty good enough for us to devour.