I hate to be mean. I dislike writing negative reviews. I wish I could just write positive reviews but, that's not what critiquing is about. When we moved to Western Michigan, we had a few people tell us to try Fricano's. I love pizza and Fricano's is on the lake so I thought this would be a special night out.

I don't think I can even begin to express how disappointed I was with our Fricano's experience. To put it nicely, no joke, Totino's Party Pizza is better than a Fricano's pizza.

First of all, our waitress greets us by asking "What will you have?". We looked at her confused. We explain that we have no way of knowing what they serve as we received no menus. She explains that they only have 5 toppings and one size pizza so they have no menu. At this point we don't know how much or how big a pizza is. How much would it cost to have this information printed onto a little place card to set on the tables?

So Fricano's only offers 5 toppings. You can choose from sausage, peperoni, anchovies, green peppers or mushrooms. I love all of the above toppings but I don't quite understand why they don't offer a larger variety.

We tried a sausage and mushroom pizza and a peperoni pizza. The peperoni here is fine. It seems like a good quality pepperoni. The sausage too seemed to be pretty decent. I was really shocked and grossed out by the canned mushrooms though. Maybe it's a Michigan thing but I don't find canned mushrooms to be appetizing at all. I wish they'd use fresh.

I especially didn't like the crust. It may just be a tortilla. I don't know but it's hardly pizza.

I am so sorry Fricano's and Fricano's lovers.

Oh, the one positive... the view is wonderful!

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